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Sportif Judo

The positive development of people through judo will always be the number one priority of Sportif & FIJ Sportif Judo. Our aim is to create a friendly, positive environment for people to learn judo and ultimately to create confident, respectful and skillful judo players and athletes. Sportif Judo’s club moto is “Judo builds people” and the entire ethos and development of Sportif is built around this simple philosophy.

Judo is a fantastic sport for boys and girls and Sportif Judo is a great place to start. I started as a beginner with Sportif when I was seven years old, in a small village hall club. Little did I know 10 years later I would become a fulltime judo athlete representing Scotland and Great Britain at tournaments around the World. Sportif is my judo family

Abbi Blackie Team GB - Team Scotland - Team Sportif

You have no idea what a positive impact your encouraging words have had on her. This is the girl that did zero sports /exercise before judo... All she was interested in was science and books... Now look at her... Wanting to train outside in all weathers!!! It's brilliant. You have given her the confidence to do physical stuff that she thought she couldn’t do. - it's a real joy to see! Thank you Clare & Ross

Clare & Ross Ketteridge Nell's parents

Judo is much more than an Olympic sport or an art of self-defence. Judo is one of the best ways to shape positive character and physical form for a lifetime. I have worked with and strongly recommend the Sportif Judo program for children, young adults and adults looking for the very best training through Judo with ambitions to succeed in life

Nuno Delgado Olympic Medallist Portugal

In the 11 years, we have been involved in the Sportif family we have seen both our boys grow and develop both as athletes and people. Through a well structured and supportive programme that promotes the core values of respect, responsibility, discipline and team spirit, our boys have developed independence, resilience and ambition - key skills which will serve them well in their futures. Through a mixture of fun and hard work, our boys have been encouraged to be the very best they can be, both on and off the mat.

Zoe & Steve Walker Ollie and Sam's parents

Sportif judo has not only provided consistent excellence in judo coaching, but they have managed to take individual athletes and create a big team with congruent values of respect, integrity and honour. This is invaluable for success both on and off the judo mat.

Lori & Chris Thomson Luke & Maia’s Mum and Dad